Our clients
  • Tobii
    Eyetracking is becoming an important part of the experience of and interaction with computer games. Eyevinn is providing Tobii with technical expertise and system development resources in order to integrate eyetracking in computer games and the growing field of e-sports.
  • Spotify
    We’re helping Spotify to structure and coach QA work in a team that works with "Spotify Connect" functionality as well as with partner integrations / partnership. The aim is to create and get a cool experience to listen to music at home.
  • TV4
    We’re helping TV4 to develop next-generation advertising solutions for their advertising-based streaming service.The users get a more seamless experience and allow programmatic ad purchases for their advertisers in live and VOD streams.
  • Edgeware
    Eyevinn provides Edgeware with product owners, capturing requirements for their TV CDN, as well as program management and development. The purpose of a dedicated TV CDN is to be able to deliver IPTV and OTT that includes live-to-VoD, time-shift TV, cloud DVR, TV Everywhere, ad insertion, fast channel change, 4k TV - all from one platform.
  • Ericsson
    Ericsson is developing an end-to-end (complete) online video platform, which includes everything from payment management and customer systems, metadata and media management, and analytics. The platform is used by operators and content owners worldwide, as a pay-as you grow managed service. Eyevinn provides Ericsson with project management and development resources.
  • Teracom
    Teracom is an independent network operator with a nationwide broadcasting and access network. Eyevinn and Teracom today work together to develop and add new functionality to Teracom's existing distribution flows. Matching business and technology with each other in a world of constant change are just a few examples of Eyevinn Technology's core competencies.
About us

We specialize in the technology for future media consumers. We create value for our clients by using our technical expertise to enhance the quality and improve the user experience of their streaming services.

Work with us
Developer for Connected TV devices
We're looking for someone who wants to develop apps for Apple TV, Chromecast, XBOX and Android TV. You know how to build a Chromecast reciever and know CORS inside and out, understand how DRM protection works, understand the foundations of HTTP streaming and is comfortable working with Charles Proxy or Fiddler.
If you want to know more about this position contact Jonas Rydholm Birmé at jonas.birme@eyevinn.se or +46703047660 (mobile).
Developers for video players on mobile devices and web
Do you want to develop video players on mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and the web (HTML5 and Flash)? Do you know how to play a video stream and place subtitles in the right spot? Have you worked with different SDK's for DRM protection and is familiar with the term root-of trust?
If you want to know more about this position contact Jonas Rydholm Birmé at jonas.birme@eyevinn.se or 070-3047660.
Backend developer
We're looking for someone who wants to develop the backend parts in a TV service. Microservices, REST, Amazon, Azure cloud engine, Heroku etc. are more than just buzzwords for you. You can develop with Ruby, Go, PHP, C#, Java or JavaScript but probobaly have experience with several of them. Experience from handling mission critical services and NewRelic, Pingdom etc.
If you want to know more contact Jonas Rydholm Birmé at jonas.birme@eyevinn.se or +46703047660.
Project managers and system architects
Are you a project manager or system architect with at least 3-5 years of experience from the TV industry and want to continue working with TV and media solutions? We offer the possibility with working together with other specialists in the field and to lead and/or design the development of new TV services. If you want to know more contact Alexander Björneheim at alexander.bjorneheim@eyevinn.se or Jonas Rydholm Birmé at jonas.birme@eyevinn.se or +46703047660.

The lab

Our lab in in AWS contains a complete streaming platform with components such as Elemental, Wowza, Kaltura and more which gives our clients and consultants a unique opportunity to test their ideas and develop their competence. Read more about our lab on our blog.

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