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Eyevinn is an independent consultancy firm specializing in video technology and media distribution. The company was founded in 2013 and has grown to 20+ employees. Located in Stockholm, Sweden famous for its prominence in Internet technology, Eyevinn consultants are thought-leaders within video streaming brought together by our passion for media solutions.

Eyevinn is independent in a way that we are not commercially attached to any platform or service provided, nor do we offer any software or platform of our own. Eyevinn helps clients by objectively recommending and implementing whatever solution that is best for each specific client. Our typical clients are global and local companies working with video streaming such as broadcasters, TV-operators and technology providers.

Eyevinn’s assignments range from technology strategy, due diligences, audits and proof of concepts, to integration, development and designing solutions. Typical roles are technical project managers, solution architects, developers, quality assurance and video specialists.

Eyevinn is proud organizer of Streaming Tech Sweden, a technology conference about video streaming. We believe that sharing knowledge and networking benefits our community.

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